Central Revelations - August 2015

Raze the Roof
Written by Pastor Rob Alfalah   



(All Bible Quotations from the NASB unless otherwise noted)


“Raise the Roof” is a slogan used at a game to get the crowd watching it to increase their noise and excitement level.  It is communicated by a player to the crowd by raising both arms over his head and repeating a “pushing-up” or “raising” motion over his head. The crowd normally responds by increasing their noise level.  This noise level is supposed to be loud enough to “raise the roof” off of the building itself. There is a roof raising (and razing) story in the Bible that results in some excitement for what God has done.

The Ultimate Hacker
Written by Kim LaCoste   

By now, I'm sure you've read about the hacking of various companies, federal and non-federal alike. There is another type of hacking. This kind isn't carried out by machines; that is, machines do aid this hacker's motives, but he works in another realm: a person's mind and heart. The ultimate hacker I'm talking about is satan.  He works 24 hours a day, doing whatever he can to penetrate one's thoughts.  If he's successful with planting his seeds of deception, then it's only a matter of time before he gets the mind and body to do his bidding.

Your Health Matters
Written by Jim Guy   

I thought I'd seen all the important modern plant based health movies.  Then I realized I hadn't seen Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.  I suupose I hadn't realized it was important.  After all the cover art has a guy standing in a kitchen appliance like he's going to get pulverized.  How serious can that program be?


But it is an important health movie/documentary. 


It's the story of a guy who was plenty concerned for his health, and the future of his life.  Or potential lack of.  So he sets about doing what he calls a reboot, which is a multi-day fast where no solids are consumed.  Only juiced greens.  And on his journey he runs into folks and talks to them about their health.  He converts a few to juice fasts, and they too try a reboot.  All have tremendous success, like our main character.

Get To Know Your Church
Written by Geoffry Ikpeama   

Arturo and Sol

Meet Arturo and Sol

  • What do you miss the most about the Dominican Republic (DR)?

We miss many things from the DR. It is our home and we love it, but to be specific, what we miss the most is our family and close friends, and the beautiful beaches that we have there.  We used to live where people liked to take vacations.  It’s a great place!